Travel Grants

AGSA awards deserving graduate students grant funds for travel expenses to participate in anthropological conferences as part of their professional development. Awards are offered twice per academic year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The frequency, number, and amount of awards may vary depending on available funds and will be decided by the AGSA travel grant review committee. Meet previous AGSA Conference Travel Grant Awardees!



PAGES 2015 infant sykes

Emily Lloyd
Spring 2015 Awardee
Leah McCurdy
Spring 2015 Awardee
Guillaume Pages
Spring 2015 Awardee

AGSA Guidelines and Applications Form PDF

The Application & Guidelines Form is an active fill-in PDF form. Please download the form above and fill it out electronically. Save the PDF with a filename as suggested below. Please only use the Word version of the Application if you cannot get the PDF version to work. All computers on campus will facilitate the use of the fillable PDF.

AGSA Guidelines and Applications Form WORD DOC

Paper applications will not be accepted.


Attach the following documents in ONE email to
            1. Completed Application & Guidelines PDF  (Filename:“LastNameApplication”)
            2. PDF version of CV  (Filename: “LastNameCV”)
            3. PDF of Acceptance Documentation (Filename:“LastNameAcceptance”)
                                                                                  **Please use the filenames indicated above.

AGSA Conference Travel Grants Program Details

Eligibility and Requirements:
Applicants must be an Anthropology graduate student in good standing at UTSA.

Applicants must be registered for at least one credit hour for the semester in which the applicant is applying for funds to travel to a conference.  For example, if you will be traveling in November, you must be registered for the Fall semester.

Applicants must be presenting a paper, poster, or other appropriate research at an anthropological conference with documented acceptance from conference organizers (email confirmation or page from conference program are acceptable). If the applicant has not received conference acceptance by the AGSA Conference Travel Grant application deadline, the award review committee may agree to award funds provisionally until the applicant provides confirmation.  Should the applicant fail to provide documented acceptance from conference organizers within a reasonable period of time from award date, the award review committee reserves the right to withdraw the provisional offer of funding.

It is strongly recommended that you practice your presentation prior to attending your conference at an AGSA mini-symposium or presentation workshop, arranged through the AGSA workshop coordinator.

As a condition of accepting the award, awardees will be required to serve on the travel conference review committee the following semester, or no later than one year after receiving the award.  At the discretion of the AGSA conference travel grant review committee, the required service may be postponed or exempted under special circumstances.  Please notify the committee of any special circumstances that would prevent your ability to serve in future upon receipt of your award.

Upon acceptance of the award, each awardee must submit a brief statement of support from their faculty advisor in the Department of Anthropology to verify that the applicant is an anthropology graduate student in good standing and that participating in the conference is beneficial to the applicant’s professional development.

Individual awards will usually not exceed $200, dependent upon available funds, and will be split equally among awardees. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions within three weeks of application deadline.

Applicants may apply for funding retroactively after conference participation; however, conference dates and application deadline MUST be within the same semester.

The AGSA conference travel grant review committee will consist of a minimum of two student reviewers and the AGSA faculty advisor, with rotating student membership each semester the awards are offered. The number of student reviewers will be contingent upon the amount of applications received. Final funding decisions will be made through a majority vote of the AGSA conference travel grant review committee.

Students are not permitted to submit applications to the AGSA conference travel grant during the semester that they are serving as committee reviewers.

The AGSA conference travel grant review committee will make every effort to expedite distribution of funds to awardees prior to conference participation when possible; therefore, it is imperative that awardees notify the committee of their award acceptance, and provide the required supporting documentation in a timely manner.

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