2019 AGSA Calendar Winners!

agsa circle logoThe winners of the 2019 AGSA Calendar have been announced!  Check out all of the beautiful photos below!

You can get your own calendar with large, high-res images for only $10!  The proceeds go to travel grants for UTSA’s Anthropology graduate students.  Email Daniel Jimenez at pse785@my.utsa.edu to buy one (or more!).

Thank you to everyone who entered their photos in the contest!



A little known Inca site near Chari, Bolivia called Chullpapata at 3984m asl. This is a chullpa tower overlooking the valley.—Alesia Hoyle


The site of Los Guachimontones located in the hills above the town of Teuchitlan in Jalisco, Mexico. It is the location of the largest site of the Teuchitlan Culture (300 BC – 450/500 AD), which I study. The Teuchitlan Culture was one of several cultures in West Mexico during this period that shared in the practice of interring some of their dead in shaft and chamber tombs. The Teuchitlan Culture is unique in their construction of bullseye shaped architecture which is only found in a few places outside of the Tequila Valleys.—Anthony DeLuca


Camelids in the wetlands of National Park Sajama.—Adam Birge


Alpaca next to a stone crescent pastoralist’s shelter in the Apolobamba region of Bolivia.—Alesia Hoyle


Kin Kletso at Chaco Canyon—Lori Barkwill-Love


A chullpa, a prehistoric funerary tower, in the Sajama area.—Adam Birge


Petrographic – Thin section of tuff tempered Alma Plain sherd from Winn Canyon in cross-polar light at 10x magnification—Lori Barkwill-Love


Pre-Inka pukara with view of Nevado Sajama.—Adam Birge


Glacial mountains near Tromso—Brittney Hammons


Archie the orangutan finds a new home at a Florida ape sanctuary, after having been retired from the entertainment industry—Alexandra Holdbrook


Reflection of the Bolivian Andean sky in a qocha (water reservoir). This qocha is the left eye of the mountain personified as a man.—Alesia Hoyle


Two Barbary macaques overlook the city of Gibraltar, a popular destination for primate-based tourism—Alexandra Holdbrook

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